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About me

My personal, spiritual and career life journey has not always been smooth and easy. I was looking for meaning. I searched for myself for a long time because I did not know myself sufficiently and deeply. In my spiritual journey, I discovered that I am and will always be a traveler in search of truth. So I took a unique and personal journey. Despite all this, one thing that had never changed was my passion for human, my need to bring a smile, hope and motivation to my people. More specifically, my need to understand and analyze what is not perceptible to the eye.

Since 2008, I have had the pleasure of giving back, helping, assisting and accompanying.  I am and always will be passionate about the richness of individuals' journeys, self-discovery and self-development. 

I am convinced that we are here for a reason and that we all have a gift. I also believe that everyone can create their own story and live their truth as much as possible on their own terms and standards. I like to go to the bottom of things to find the answers and achieve the results specific to the uniqueness of each one. I am therefore not intimidated by differences, taboos, complex or existential questions.


My goal is to walk hand in hand in your quests, to walk together with empathy, listening, patience, authenticity and honesty. In short, it's helping you be the best version of yourself.


Bachelor of Educational and Vocational Counselling


Helping relationship counseling, YMCA

Undergraduate certificate in Social Service

Undergraduate certificate in Human Resources

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